About Stepping Stones Entertainment

Stepping Stones Entertainment is a privately held company providing values-based family movies to help inspire children’s strength of character. We are a company made up of people from different faiths, backgrounds, and nationalities and are not affiliated with any specific religious or political organization.

As parents ourselves who make films, we know very well the power movies wield. We are here because we believe in using films as a strong influence for the good of families everywhere.


Our Vision

Entertainment that strengthens the common values within us all.


What we believe

We believe in children, the innate goodness inside of them and we believe movies help strengthen character.


Our invitation to you

Every friend you tell and each film you order helps us provide more meaningful family movies, to more families everywhere. Without you there can be no us.

We are writers, producers and directors but always before that, we are parents. Like you, we know entertainment is a powerful part of children’s lives and have heard families demanding more of family films. Our films leave out the negative and intentionally include the goodness and morals parents are teaching. This is why Stepping Stones is here, inviting you and your family to take part: to watch, to connect and to contribute.

Stepping Stones stories are meant to mean something inside of us. Our movies are deliberately simple, pure, entertaining stories about life’s lessons. Please share yours with us.


Our customer care team

We continually look for better ways to serve you. If you have any suggestions or questions, please email engage@steppingstones.com.