The Adventure Club

Ricky and his friends, Sandy and Bill, call themselves the Adventure Club. Story has it that Ricky’s grandfather once found an ancient puzzle box that when opened would grant the holder a series of wishes. One night Ricky stumbles upon a hidden drawer in the attic and inside he finds a skeleton key and a map. Could this be the adventure Ricky and his club mates have been waiting for? The Adventure Club will soon find out!
Price: $14.95
Life's Growing Moments Questions
  1. Ricky’s Mom reminded him what his Granddad used to say, “The key to adventure is always right in front of you.” What adventures do you see in front of you?
  2. Seth was accepted to be a part of the Adventure Club. Discuss a time when sharing your feelings helped you?
  3. Ricky learned true wishes are granted from within yourself and it’s up to each of us to make our wishes come true. What do you wish for? How can you make that wish come true?