Auto B Good Supercharged Fun

Auto-B-Good is a series based on the adventures of nine animated vehicles, each with their own unique personality, who live in the City of Auto, just off country Road “B” in the State of Good. 50 other vehicles populate this richly diverse community of cars - all sorts of makes and models! Each episode is centered on a different character development trait to teach children lessons in moral character and values.
Price: $14.95
Life's Growing Moments Questions
  1. Johnny learned being dependable isn’t “boring” but is very important. How do you show you are dependable?
  2. Izzi believed EJ because he was trustworthy, even when she didn’t have all the facts. Why is being trustworthy important?
  3. Izzi’s determination to achieve her dreams helped Miles realize he can follow his dreams. How does determination help you accomplish things?
  4. Miles teaches everyone how true generosity comes from the heart. Is giving to get, true generosity? Explain.
  5. EJ and his friends discover that a club with no rules is not as great as it sounds. Could you have a club with no rules? Why? How do rules help us?
  6. Cali realizes she must do the job she agrees to and not to pass it off on others. What are ways you show you are responsible?
  7. Izzi and Ej show up “perfectly” on time but learn what “their best” means for their group photo. Why is it important to be on time and ready to go?