Jasper is a young penguin inquisitive about the world. When he spots a ship on the other side of an iceberg, no one, including his parents, wants to believe him. He must now watch over his little brother Junior, and that is when the real adventure begins. Jasper and Junior find themselves on an iceberg that floats them into a world they did not know existed. They meet a bird named Kakapo, a secret agent trying to get his bird eggs back from the evil doctor aboard the ship. The trio meets Emma, a young girl who can relate to Jasper because her father also does not believe her stories about the birds and the evil doctor.
Price: $14.95
Life's Growing Moments Questions
  1. Jasper shows patience with Junior’s mischievous behavior. How does being responsible for a sibling help you learn to be responsible for yourself?
  2. The super spy trio, Jasper, Emma and Kakapo rescue the parrot eggs. How does working as a team accomplish more?
  3. The elder penguins learned that their habitat was far more reaching. How does learning new facts and listening to new ideas change your perspective?