The Journey Home

The ice of northern Canada, little Luke discovers that a young polar bear cub has been separated from its mother. With the objective to find a way to reunite the two, Luke finds the helper Muktuk, half Inuit and half Canadian, who knows the area where polar bears live. To complete the mission, Luke must learn to protect himself and the pup from the dangers that wilderness offers.
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Life's Growing Moments Questions
  1. Muktuk was able to help Luke because he understood native wildlife, cultures and the environment. What do you know about your environment and the people in it? How could you help someone in your community?
  2. Learning to become his own person, Luke remembered his dad told him to, “never turn away from hard things.” When have you made a choice to do what is right over what is easy?
  3. Luke felt a responsibility to help a defenseless animal. How can you help someone or something that cannot help themselves?