Lift Me Up

Emma, who recently lost her Mother, faces the challenges of high school and her very strict step-father. Through personal growth, and an amazing dedication to dance, she learns to find the peace and happiness of family.
Price: $14.95
Life's Growing Moments Questions
  1. John threw out all of Emma’s mom’s possessions, in order to move forward. Why would it be important for John to have empathized with Emma’s emotions?
  2. Emma’s dance instructor (Robert) says, rise above the challenges of high school and focus on the things you want to accomplish. How can focusing on your passions be your best coping mechanism?
  3. Kathryn McCormick asked the dance class to be honest with themselves, where they are at and to stop hiding behind what's comfortable. How can you let people see you for your authenticity? How can you let people into your world?