Robo Dog

Tyler is heartbroken when his dog, named Dog, unexpectedly passes away. His zany inventor dad, Tom, creates a Robo-Dog to help Tyler through the loss. At first, Tyler is not fond of the idea, but he eventually comes to accept the “animal” as part of the family. The hilarity begins with training Robo-Dog to act like a real dog. The family does not understand everything about their new pet. But when they encounter trouble, Robo-Dog is ready to help and has to save the town from Tom’s greedy ex-boss
Price: $14.95
Life's Growing Moments Questions
  1. The Austin family understands they will always miss their dog. Have you ever experienced such an event, how did you cope with it? How would you comfort a friend grieving over a pet?
  2. The Austin family forgave Mr. Willis for his mistakes. Why is it important to forgive others?
  3. Tyler learned to open his heart to a new friend. We know Robo-Dog isn’t real, but how do you benefit from accepting others for who they are?