Wild Prairie Rose

In 1952 Rose Miller returns to her rural hometown of Beresford, South Dakota to care for her ailing mother. Once there, she falls in love with a deaf man and must decide if she has the courage to follow her heart. Wild Prairie Rose is an examination of the changing roles of women in 1950s America and in the ways people who have great differences can learn to communicate with one another. It is a film that focuses on one woman’s story, and yet challenges the audience to examine their own assumptions about what makes a good life.
Price: $14.95
Life's Growing Moments Questions
  1. People assumed James was “dumb” because he was deaf and did not speak. What can you learn from getting to know someone?
  2. Pearl didn’t want to admit she was ill, in order to get assistance from her community. Why is it important to be able to ask for help when you need it?
  3. Rose did not let what was unacceptable in the 1950’s stop her from trying to communicate with James. How does being able to communicate with someone benefit you both?