Will & Dewitt

Will & Dewitt follows the struggles faced by Will, who’s in a hurry to be a big kid but often stumbles over minor hurdles along the way. Good thing he can always count on his best buddy, Dewitt, an optimistic frog whose bubbly personality and shape-changing abilities keep Will hopping. No matter the problem, Dewitt is there with the means to the answer. In each episode, Will conquers a typical childhood fear or challenge.
Price: $14.95
Life's Growing Moments Questions
  1. How do Will and Sandra learn the importance of finding out the truth?
  2. How does Will show us to accept and appreciate our own special qualities?
  3. Why does Will teach Kate the importance of doing what is right, even when double-dog-dared?
  4. How does Will learn it is the thought that counts when giving presents?
  5. How does Will help us understand the importance of being considerate?
  6. Will learned to skateboard, how do you show patience and practice when learning new things?
  7. How does Will learn that glasses are necessary for some people to be able to see?
  8. How does Mergatoad help Will remember things?